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We are a prominent suppliers of the Iron Removal Water Purifiers. With hardness and arsenic content increasing in most residential underground water this product provide the much needed reliability in drinking water. Capable to remove metallic taste and reddish brown color, the product has a reliable performance and low maintenance cost. Plus, we have an after sales services providing the essential installation and maintenance advice. We also can arrange for the test of removal of alkalinity and manganese in hard water. Different sizes are also provided

Aquapro Iron Remover and Water Purifier removes Iron, Sulphur, Manganese, Chlorine, Organics, Worms from your water and makes your water clear without odour. Now you can use your appliances efficiently without worries. These systems contain Carbo Quartz 1100 IV media with Silver Impregnated Carbon. Raw water iron changes colour on exposure to air. This is the conversion from Ferrous to Ferric. oxidises, precipitates and filters out the iron. In case of Metro Water it removes chlorine, Sewage, Worms, etc. These precipitates collected in the media is removed everyday by simple backwash. A company service might be required once in every 18 to 24 months.

These systems come in a wide range of sizes to suit different needs. Right from a single tap model to a whole campus can be handled. We have both Low pressure and High Pressure models. Initially our executive would give a demonstration and make sure it treats your water well. Then he would explain the models that can suit your premises. He also estimates the cost of total installation.

For your information we have roughly estimated the cost of installation including plumbing works. As per your requirement you could down size from below the closest option. We would be only pleased to come over , inspect and give the exact estimate.

Our range of Iron Removal Filter Systems is pressure type filtration system, which is used for removing iron(Fe) up to 10 ppm and turbidity from the water up to the permissible limit, protecting plumbing and eliminating ugly staining and unpleasant odour. These systems are designed on the basis of contamination of iron, turbidity. and the pressure of the raw water .Easy to install, the range offered by us can be widely used for domestic, commercial and industry purposes. These types of Iron Filters make water free and safe from all the suspended iron contents that can cause harm to the body. The range requires low maintenance, and is demanded by various offices, hotels, flats and industries.

Construction :

System designed using FRP of Pentair/Aventura vessels
Filter beds manufactured using various media (ISR Resin, Green Sand, Quartz Sand, MnO2, Anthracite, BIRM , R/Sand & Gravels of various sizes) Automatic/ Semi-auto/ Manual Multiport Valves used for easy operation and maintenance

Specifications :

Pressure type filtration system
Removes iron content as Fe up to 10ppm and above.
Get rids of turbidity ,Iron , manganese, bad odor, algae , color present in water
Available in different capacities: 100 LPH to 100,000 LPH

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