Whole House Water Purifier

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The Aquapro Whole House Filtration System coupled with the Sediment free water softener gives showers, sinks, washing machines, water heaters, and dishwashers the purest benefits of high quality water better than any bottled water on the market. Start enjoying great tasting water with our system. It prevents scale buildup with no maintenance. And it blocks chemicals and sediment from entering your home where it doesn't belong. With technology that is top quality, innovative, high performing and still conscious of the environment, the Aquapro whole house water filter system can be a difference maker in your health and in your savings. With water supplies becoming increasingly strained and polluted, purifying water while conserving it has never been more important.

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AquaPro Global is a highly respected Industrial and Domestic Water Treatment company based in Thrissur District, Kerala. The company has developed to provide our clients with a wide-ranging products of Water and waste water Treatment systems and services to suit their ever-changing requirements. We are proud of our reputation as a market leader in Water Treatment and our team of water treatment professionals is dedicated to delivering the most practical and cost-effective service solutions.


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