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(RO+UV+Tds Adju.) 7 Stage RO System

  • 1st Stage    : Pre-Filter 10″ Spun dust and other visible particle from water.
  • 2nd Stage  : Anti Scalant Balls
  • 3rd Stage   : Sediment Filtration: removes suspended particles, dust and other visible particle from water.
  • 4th Stage   : Activated Carbon: removes chlorine, chlorine smell and restore the natural colour of the water.
  • 5th Stage   : RO Membrane: removes hardness of the water, filter out other impurities of the water.
  • 6th Stage   : Post silver carbon filter: contains coconut shell based activated carbon
  • 7th stage   : (11W UV) It provides double protection to the purified water. Kills Bacteria & Viruses


  • Product code:
  • Technology: Antioxident Alkaline +RO
  • Stages: Sediment/Activated Carbon / RO mem-brane /Antioxident Alkaline
  • Applications: Suitable for Purification of Brackish/ Tap/ Municipal water
  • Purification Capacity: Upto 15 Litres Per Hour
  • Installation: Wall Mounted
  • Product Dimension(Inch): 21.1(H) x 9.9(W) x 16.7(L) with tap
  • Storage Capacity: 14 litres
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