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(RO+UV+Tds Adju.) 7 Stage RO System

  • 1st Stage     : Pre-Filter 10″ Spun dust and other visible particle from water.
  • 2nd Stage   : Anti Scalant Balls
  • 3rd Stage    : Sediment Filtration: removes suspended particles, dust and other visible particle from water.
  • 4th Stage    : Activated Carbon: removes chlorine, chlorine smell and restore the natural colour of the water.
  • 5th Stage    : RO Membrane: removes hardness of the water, filter out other impurities of the water.
  • 6th Stage    : Post silver carbon filter: contains coconut shell based activated carbon
  • 7th stage     : (11W UV) It provides double protection to the purified water. Kills Bacteria & Viruses.


  • 14.0 litres of storage capacity
  • Purification Capacity : Upto 10 to 14 LPH, Booster Pump 100 psi, 24V DC * Wall Mounted
  • No Dry Running of Pump *Automatic water level sensor for ON/OFF
  • Reverse Osmosis technology
  • Fully Automatic
  • Raw water should be free from iron, heavy metals, oil, grease & free chlorine.
  • In case of higher pressure, use of pressure reducing valve is recommended.
  • Flow rate varies with feed water pressure, TDS,
  • Total dissolved solids in feed water would not exceed 2000 ppm
  • Due to Product improvement specifications are subject to change.
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