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Everyone deserves high quality drinking water, whether you rely on a public or private water supply. A public water supply connects many people to the same drinking water system, which collects water from rivers, reservoirs, springs, or ground water. However, some public water systems may have problems associated with the drinking water treatment or distribution systems These water quality problems must be reported to consumers. If you have questions or concerns about your public drinking water supply, contact your local water purveyor and request a copy of their latest test results, which they are required by law to provide to their customers.


Our advice delivers because we merge business sense with technical strength. Organisations performing at their best are swift to respond to opportunities and challenges. To make the right decisions, they require sharp insight into trends. To be ready, they must see their resources and risks clearly. At AquaPro Global, we help businesses improve performance by giving them the complete picture. To do so we combine strategic commercial thinking with precise, hands-on experience of processes, assets and people.


AquaPro Global’s service specialists undergo in-depth training to ensure they are the water experts who can efficiently troubleshoot and fix any issue that arises on site. With experience working in all industries and all areas of the world, AquaPro Global service specialists will install, commission and then maintain your water treatment plant in the most efficient way possible. With a AquaPro Global Service Contract for your water treatment equipment you can be confident that your equipment is in safe hands, and that unplanned downtime will be avoided.

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